Mother-Daughter Conflict Explained

22 Aug mother_daughter_relationship

The Emotional Crisis between Mothers and Daughters

by Rosjke Hasseldine

Why is mother-daughter conflict and misunderstanding so common? Why do so many daughters recoil at the suggestion that they are turning into their mother? Rosjke Hasseldine, a psychotherapist, has discovered what is harming the mother-daughter relationship and believes that the mother-daughter relationship is a mirror reflection of the emotional condition women and girls are living in.

Mother-daughter relationship conflict is far too common to be explained away as just individual disagreements or adolescent daughters being ‘hormonal’ or argumentative. Continue reading


What are some of those moments in your life?

21 Aug


My cat Apollo

20 Aug


“Please, God,  if I be a good kittie, may I have two cans of cat food tonight?”




“I’m just gonna try to be a goat. Mmmeeeeeeeeeehhhhh”

Please meet – Anger, Greed and Ignorance.

17 Aug anger buddha

Many of you have probably seen a quote by Buddha about anger, that goes something like “When you are angry, it’s like drinking poison and hoping the other person will get sick.” So true, yet so hard to follow.

Last week, during my weekly meditation and dharma teaching session, Sunim mentioned the three poisons that exist in Buddhism and are the cause of all suffering. They are anger, greed and ignorance.

As the website Buddhism Teacher puts it, many of us are apt to be dominated by one of the poisons.  Even when one dominates the other two are always lying dormant, like dry seeds that can sprout whenever nourished.

Anger – one tends to be depressed or obsessed over political views, real or imagined enemies, or any of life’s negative realities.

Greed is manifested by stinginess, lack of compassion, hoarding or self-indulgence.  One tends to be attached to material things, thinking that more is better and that getting things will bring happiness.

Ignorance is present when we are not realizing our potential for true happiness, which is our true nature, our Buddha nature.  Ignorance causes insecurity and a feeling of weakness, powerlessness and apathy.

Greed’s companions are desire and lust, and these passions and attachments cause us to want to “get hold of” things, and to have more and more of them.  Anger’s friends are hatred, animosity and aversion, which cause us to reject what displeases us or infringes upon our ego.  Ignorance, which is “not knowing,” especially not knowing our true nature, paves the way for delusion or in our believing something that is false.

Although the Buddhist path has been extremely hard to follow, it has greatly nourished my spirit and has changed my outlook on life.

Yet, when I evaluate how I measure up when it comes to anger, greed and ignorance, I am terrified…  Continue reading


Not a Care in the World, presented by my cat Apollo

17 Aug


The winds of CHANGE

16 Aug Featured Image -- 2118

Finer Things in Life:

A very inspiring post from my fellow blogger. A must read as fall is upon us!

Originally posted on My Sweetheart Life:

A new season is blowing in. Autumn. My favorite.

I read an article on this shifting season, written by the staff of my local acupuncture studio, The Light Clinic.

To paraphrase, and by the spiritual seasonal calendar they use, it’s been a season of being handed bucket after bucket of dirt. As soon as you empty a bucket, you have been handed another. What you do with that dirt is up to you. You have either dumped it around you and are stuck in the dirt. Or you have carefully dumped the dirt to build a good foundation for the new season.

I’ve recently heard a similar story. A donkey is in a well with no way out. His farmer decides to bury it there. As he dumps bucket after bucket of dirt, the donkey shakes it off and uses it as a foundation to climb out of the well.

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Hold every moment sacred…

15 Aug



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