Before and after…

21 Sep

Painted 70 shutters, one door, new entry lights and washed the house. Go team A. and D.! (I’m never doing it again ;)

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Housewarming party

20 Sep

On the last weekend of summer, A. And I had out Housewarming party with around 20 people. I felt so blessed to have all those people in my life: friends, neighbors, colleagues, family… It was truly a special time. Here is a picture of our “girls group”


I love those guys… And here is a few more photos of the flow of the partey :)


I took so many pictures that night so it’s impossible to share all of them but it was a such a special time!

Excited for fall…

20 Sep

Fall has to be my most favorite season of all! And as much as I love summer, fall is the winner in my book.

This year I welcome fall in my new, big, old house. It will be amazing, I can feel it. And although fall season in a condo was also fun, I just cannot wait to start celebrating fall in this house. In fact, I already have:


I have made a fire in a fire pit two nights in a row. There is something about fire that relaxes and energizes me, I could stare at it for hours on end. Sitting in my back yard is such a treat, really.

At night the place is full of crickets and other nature sounds which I find so comforting. During the day you can spot many different kinds of birds, squirrels, chipmonks and last week I even saw a fox!

I have big plans for this fall. My hubby and I have decided that we will decorate the house on the fist day of that holiday month. For instance, for Halloween we will decorate on October 1st, for Christmas on December 1st, and so on…

This month I have also seen some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Here is a sunset on Tuesday, September 16th:


I was thinking putting pumpkins on the porch, and perhaps some orange and mauve mums here and there. Oh, and, maybe even a corn stock.

This is the first year I am decorating for Halloween in such a big place so I am a little nervous. I will post pictures as time approaches :)

Everything else is going great so far. I love my teaching job at basking Ridge, I love all my students, and, with this new curriculum, we are having so much fun. I am so glad we have redesigned it this year.

My doctoral classes are progressing nicely although they take up a lot of my time by means of reading, essays, presentations and research papers. But I am learning so much.

I wish everyone an awesome Sunday tomorrow

So stressed…

14 Sep IMG_1721.JPG

This Sunday afternoon and…

I was feeling just. So. Stressed.
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10 Roadblocks to true happiness

9 Sep

Originally posted on creating balance and finding happiness:

10 Roadblocks to True Happiness
There are many roadblocks that may be halting our happiness. I have written the most common roadblocks I hear from my clients and personal experience. These roadblocks are easy to avoid by taking simple steps and will help us all have balanced, abundant and happy lives.

1. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We get stuck in habits that are not good for us. If we don’t change the bad habits then how can we change the outcome?

2. Keeping up with the Jones’ — If you’re constantly trying to keep up with everyone around you, you can’t be happy. You will be too busy comparing yourself to others. If we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others, we will never measure up. We will always focus on our faults. Comparing yourself to others is setting yourself up for failure, your…

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Happy Sunday…

7 Sep

Once we moved into the house, I have been taking advantage of the enormous jacuzzi tub… And I have to say, I am loving this little Sunday morning ritual: I draw a bath, out my favorite bubbles in it (right now it’s pumpkin), light a candle (also pumpkin), get a fresh towel and just dissolve my worries. It’s impossible to get angry afterwards!


Increasing Productivity?

6 Sep

I have written my last post on August 22 of this year. And then things started happening… 

I became so busy, so overwhelmed, so on edge. I started my three doctoral classes at Seton Hall and my full time teaching job.

And although I love all of the kids I have this year, we are working with a completely new curriculum and it promises to be a lot of work. But we will make do, as always.

Doctoral classes have been truly terrifying. Policy analysis, faculty personnel and history of higher education – all three classes have been keeping me up and giving me anxiety. But I have been working very hard as well, trying to get ahead with anything possible: outlines, preliminary research, proposals, readings, etc. Getting a doctorate is no joke. 

Otherwise things are very good – apart from me being super busy and having mini breakdowns once in a while… I have been enjoying the house and doing a lot of gardening as well.

Due to the fact that I will be extremely busy this semester (until December 8th), I have come up with a plan to keep myself organized and as productive as possible. For instance, I do not let myself read any fiction – only my textbooks. It may sound sad but these courses are so heavy on reading! 

I knew what I was getting into… It is too late to turn around and I have to keep on going. I have been taken it one day at a time and it seems to work :)

I have just finished my weekly reflection AND Steven Covey plan for next week. Here is to a great rest of the weekend and an outstanding next week!


Me and my good friend Heeni. Housewarming Party, last weekend.


Me and my friend Teresa. Housewarming party, August 2014










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