Oprah Challenge – Identify your true passions

11 Oct

Botswana Sunset

Today is Columbus day- I have off from work. After accomplishing a week worth of lesson plans, I have set aside some time to read Oprah magazine. “Live your best life!” it promises. If you know me well, you’d know my deep dedication to self-help field. So this issue is right up my alley. This month Oprah is urging us to take “the Oprah challenge!” It is actually a whole workbook that you use to find and fuel your true passions.

I have reflected on MY true passions and there is no surprise here:

1. travel

2. photography

3. dance

4. hosting parties

5. New York City living/breathing/clothing/eating/drinking, etc.

Then the next step is to find out WHAT you are driven by, whether it’s connection, influence, security, accomplishment, or enlightment. I am driven by INFLUENCE, so it’s recommended that whayever my goal is, add leadership to it. Wow.

Say, my tope passion is travelling, and I am driven by influence. So, I can totally see myself being a head of a travel club – “travelling girlfriends” or something of that nature.

I have asked a very close friend of mine to describe three strengths. She said inquisitive, persistent, and highly motivated. Thanks Jo!

No matter what my passions are, I pledge to make time for whatever it is that “tickles” me. This way I am living a full, satisfying, productive life.


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