Saturday Reflections in November

12 Nov

Saturday… Morning… Fresh breeze… Extreme sun pouring through windows… Oatmeal… Distant traffic noise from Route 22… Neighbours shuffling behind the wall… The smell of coffee… Flavoured creamer… Mind engaged with many many things… Mom, family, wedding locations, a tad bit of anxiety, A., should be productive, I am not being productive, should go grocery shopping, mom doesn’t share my point of view on weddings, anxiety again, reflection, my ring is gorgeous, I am living the life, graduate classwork, don’t feel like going to work on Monday…

Here is the problem – I am having a four day weekend, but can’t help but to get depressed… Today is Saturday, but I am already dreading Monday. I need to regroup, get over myself, and move on. Teachers work only 180 days a year and we whine all the time. This needs to stop.

On a brighter note, I am just so excited to start planing our wedding… It has to be an NYC wedding! No Jersey corniness for us.

Here are some keys words:

~rooftop, NYC view, outside, end of May, beginning of June, quirky, eccentric, on a budget, great location

~dress: sweet, quirky, unusual, pastel colors, sash, low-do, classy/romantic…

But the main thing is that I want to be with A., surrounded by people closest to us. I cannot wait.


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