I play roles, so many, many roles…

29 Jan

Spring semester at Seton Hall has started yet again – two classes, one online, one on campus… One boring (curriculum – duh…), and one fabulous – the spirituality of leadership. I love the second one. The thing is I want to be a leader, not a manager. I want to inspire, lead, promote change, get teachers to reflect, and support my faculty.

We also did an amazing activity: writing a personal mission statement. Great activity to try! Then we had to determine what are our roles in life. I am not just a teacher. I a also a daughter, a friend, a traveller etc… Plus I am including my goals for each and everyone… So, here they are:

1. Fiancée (love him, trust him, cherish him, support him)

2. Friend (make time, provide support, keep in touch)

3. Teacher (lesson plans, effectiveness, fun, trust)

4. Graduate student (inquisitiveness, resourcefulness, networking, dedication)

5. Bride (take it easy, brainstorming, reach out for support, make ideas collage)

6. Inner-peace self (relax, choose my response, be proactive, be still, appreciate the things that I have)

7. Animal lover (make time for my animals, and shelter animals)

8. World traveller (research, daydream, destinations list, plan a trip)

9. Socialite (plan events, make time to attend events, network, reach out to colleagues, and friends)

10. Daughter (keep in touch every week, listen, reflect, say thank you, support my parents and brother)

You were only supposed to pick seven but I chose ten cause I like to do so many things… I love how once you determine your roles, it gives your life balance. I am trying to be the best person I can be and taking care of the loved ones around me (friends, family, self, animals, community) will give me the balance that I need…


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