Sickly Saturday…

4 Feb

Sick on Saturday… I am so glad I don’t have to be at work today – nose running, head and body aching, eyes tearing up. Lying in bed, surrounded by magazines, books, calendar, wedding binder, and cats… They keep me company.

This is  the second week I am trying out “First Things First” worksheet. And I have to say, it’s been amazing. I feel that by filling out my life roles, I have become a better girlfriend, friend, teacher, daughter, student, explorer. The professor was right – it’s all about balance. The only thing that I have skipped on is the “healthy self” – only went to the gym once. But the coming week is another week, so I’ll have to try again.

I have such a hard time quieting my mind. My thoughts are racing from teaching to a wedding, from travelling to feeding the cats, from calling friends to washing dishes. Only when I reflect on past weeks, I gain some kind of introspective.

Here is to self-reflection!


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