Valentine’s Day 2012

19 Feb

I am NOT a fan of Valentine’s day. I find it corny, artificial, and completely un-romantic. But I have to say this last one was pretty awesome. Early in the morning, I receive the Om necklace from Satya Jewelry ( I love gifts that have meaning! after I arrive to school, (some) of my students shower me with Valentine’s day cards. Then a beautiful bouquet of lillies arrives as I’m teaching my worst class. I’m going home so I can get ingredients for the homemade pizza. A. comes home, and we make that pizza together. We eat that pizza as we are watching a movie with Alan Rickman. Awesome day, typical day. I guess now I have to say something deep about what love is. I think love is respect, trust, kindness, and loyalty – every day, not just on Valentine’s day.


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