The Travel Bug is Here Again

21 Feb

This week  I have booked yet another trip. To Ireland. Never been, always wanted to go. Actually, I am like that with any country: “never been, always wanted to go.”

Every six months or so I get a so-called “travel bug”. I love where I live, I love people around me, my job, even the commute is not so bad, but every once in a while I just have to LEAVE. And go to a different country. I think I was actually put on this earth to explore, learn, photograph, and make connections. The restlessness that I feel is a sign that I might need to go explore.

Whenever I take a tour of a country (and I do love escorted tours), I bring a small notebook where I actually take notes. Yes, I am one of THOSE people. Because otherwise I’m not going to remember everything they talked about…

I was considering three countries for this trip: Morocco, Switzerland, or Ireland. Morocco needed at least 14 days, and I only had 11; Switzerland was so so expensive. Then I looked at tours to Ireland and the price and the dates were right.

Here are some of the basic associations I currently have about Ireland:

~green everywhere

~people with red hair drink Guinness



~celtic cross

~St. Patrick

~the Blarney stone

~castles, castles everywhere

~funny accents

~huge cliffs

~beautiful scenery

~overcast or rain

~James Joyce

I think that might be it… What are your associations when you think Ireland?

One Response to “The Travel Bug is Here Again”

  1. Anita Mac February 21, 2012 at 1:46 pm #

    No matter where you go – I am sure you will have a brilliant time! Enjoy Ireland. I believe it is hard not to!


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