What would you do if you only had 90 days to live?

24 Apr

After a tough morning of sitting an hour in traffic, getting angry and feeling sorry for myself, I arrived to work late and frustrated. At lunch I was browsing the Internet and found an interesting question. What would you do if you only had 90 days to live? Different people say different things – “get my finances in order”, “give to charity”, “spend more time with family”, “travel to exotic places”… Why are we not living this way already? Why does it take a crisis or a terminal illness for us to appreciate the things that matter the most in life?

Here is what I would do:

1. Spend more time with family, keep in touch more, give hugs, kisses, and share the feelings

2. Spend more time in nature

3. Enjoy favorite past times: photography, blogging, creating events

4. Give to charity (homeless animals)

5. Meditate

6. Enjoy simple things, like: flowers, rain, grass, the freshness of the morning air, insects buzzing, animals (including birds), clouds, sunsets and sunrises, water, spring fields, snow falling, bright sun, starry sky, the moon.

7. I’ll be more aware

8. I will read more

9. I will send love to everyone and everything, every day

10. I will most definitely not stress

11. I will forgive

12. I will say “thank you” and “I love you” even more often

What about you? What would you do if you only had 90 days to live?


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