Personal Snapshot

6 May

Hello, again

This lovely weekend is winding down, and I am reflecting yet again. I’d like to thank Seton Hall university for a wonderful idea for this reflection. Our summer semester has started and the first assignment for Finance for School Leaders class is to “write a brief personal “snapshot,” including your current position, where you hope to be professionally in 3 years, 5 years, and 10 years from now, to share with the class.” They did not need to ask twice.

Personal Snapshot.

“I currently teach World languages (Spanish and Russian) in Little Ferry school district. I enjoy teaching World Languages very much, however, I soon would like to transition into a supervisory position in a public, private, or charter school in New Jersey. With my first administrative internship fast approaching, I am excited to be learning in depth about the functions of the school. Here are some of my professional goals:

~ In 3 years, I plan on joining a school as a department chair (World Languages); founding my own non-profit organization that promotes World language learning in secondary schools; continue being a productive member of KappaDeltaPi, ASCD and NEA; continue to enhance my knowledge of educational leadership, student learning, and staff relations.

~ In 5 years, I plan on earning a doctorate degree in educational administration or related field; continue the necessary research in relation to school administration, policy, and teacher evaluation; continue to expand my professional connections and collaborate with colleagues not only in the U.S. but worldwide.

~ In 10 years, I see myself as a superintendent or an assistant superintendent.

Lastly, I believe it is essential to maintain a good work/life balance whether you are a teacher or a superintendent. For instance, I love photography and travel, and even after enrolling into this program, I continued to make time for these two hobbies.”

In summation, I can see that I am ambitious. And I know there is thorny road ahead, decorated by ups and downs, joys and disappointments. But as long as I stay true to who I am, stay positive, and continue learning, everything will work out just fine. I can feel it. And I am quite excited to get started. Oh wait, I already did…




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