Opportunities Are Everywhere

12 May

This week I have received my pink slip. Now, before I go any further, I have to say that ALL non-tenured teachers usually receive pink slips and then get hired back. The state of affaires that public schools are in now, it is not surprising.

I have been asking for one. Really. In my mind. The anxiety, the anger, the extreme apathy when going to work has been bothering me. I am creative, resourceful, and fun. But that job has been weighing me down like crazy. And, yes, I know: it’s not what it is, it’s what you make of it. I can’t make anything out it anymore. I want out. And, guess what, I have “out” now. I am a type of person that if she is not happy with something, she looks for ways to change it. You name it: relationships, social ties, jobs, outlooks on life… Additionally, we spend SO much of our lives working, we should at least LIKE our jobs. Forget loving your job (although I am looking for that kind, if you see it, let me know). I like teaching very much but I just don’t like how our school is run. The morale is so low, there is zero collegiality among the staff, the teachers are bitter, the students are miserable, the administrator is quitting, AND there is no money. Ever.

I’m here to bitch about my job. I’m here to make a point – find what you love to do, and then go do it. Every moment of this life is precious, and I don’t want to waste any time. Why focus on something that makes you unhappy when there is photography, travel, connecting with people, bike riding, and woofing. In Switzerland. How cool is that? I have been asking for things. Things. And now I really feel that this pink slip could be turned around and made an opportunity.

I also have been feeling tons of ideas “brewing” inside. Really want to get my photography out there. Have reached out to a couple of online magazines; they seemed interested. Have also been researching a lot – new, curious, fascinating things.

Also, have really been thinking hard about what it really is that I enjoy. And whatever that is, I set time aside to go do it. Reading, I love reading. Before, I used to think: “Oh no, I am reading, I should go do something productive.” So silly. If we don’t do what we enjoy, then what kind of life are we living?

I love reading, writing, listening to music, traveling, biking, photography, and being in nature. So I will make sure that I do these things. Otherwise I won’t be complete.


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