So much time has passed…

27 Aug



It’s amazing how much time has passed since the last time I submitted a blog entry… My last post is dates June 2nd… And today is August 27th….

So many things have happened since then… Let us go through the categories:

Love. I am now married. Married and happy. Married and still traveling. Married and still my old fun self. Many things tell me I’ve made the right decision. A. is awesome: understanding, funny, supportive, loving. He is one hell of a husband. How do I plan to keep things as peachy as they are now?… Traveling and having my own hobbies. When I was younger, I would pin my happiness on someone else. I would say “You make me happy”. Now I pin my happiness on myself. I know exactly what I enjoy and what I hate and I either invite or eliminate those things, respectively.

Career. I am now interning as a school administrator. The job is challenging but I can see new responsibilities emerge. But it’s awesome. I cannot wait to be a full fledged school administrator, create fruitful change, help kids and support teachers. The internship is 600 hours so it’s quite intense. But I wouldn’t have any other way.

Friends. The month of August was all about making connections. I went to Switzerland for a few weeks. The initial idea was to go WWOOFing on a Swiss farm. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Basically, you find the country that you’d like to visit, make connections with the farm that you like, and come and work there for whatever set period of time, making connections and learning about organic farming. It also involves cultural exchange, meeting people, learning about family’s ife style, and tasting some very locally grown foods…

I was a WWOOFer in Switzerland. After about four days working on an organic herb farm, I decided to travel around Switzerland. And it was quite phenomenal. Switzerland is an amazing country and that alone deserves a whole separate post.

All in all, life has been exciting and lovely. When I make decisions about anything, I usually try to remember a very simple truth – live a full life today for tomorrow is NOT guaranteed.


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