Freedom continues, productivity and happiness increase

10 Jul

It has still not been 24 hours since I deleted my Facebook account but I don’t miss it. I thought I would miss it terribly but, au contrair, I feel just fine. Since this morning the sense of absolute freedom has not left me. Since I dropped my husband off at the train station at 7:15, I have been so productive! After having a cup of coffee, I went to yoga. Since I didn’t realize that Summit is a bit further than I thought, was late and couldn’t get it. Since the road back home ran right by Wathung Reservation, I stopped by for a short hike and meditation. I set my timer for 10 minutes and just sat there, contemplating life. When the timer went off, I said a short prayer of gratitude and moved on. 

The hike was amazing. I observed ducks, snails, blue birds, cicadas (dead ones) and one giant crane. As I was walking around, I felt deep gratitude to be able to come here any time I want…

It is not even 1 pm, and I had time to hike, reflect, meditate, blog, listen to NPR, listen to a lecture about Islam from the Great Courses, put my manual camera up for sale on Craigslist, take a shower, clean the kitchen and the bedroom, upload documents for our mortgage application, make and eat a beautiful salad… Since I plan to hold myself accountable, here is what I have planned for the rest of the day: go to the pool, study for my upcoming GRE, read my book, study a bit more… Interestingly,we are only concerned with what we NEED to do,not with what we have ALREADY done. I am trying to break that pattern 🙂 I will keep you up to date on whether I am successful.


Morning, Lake Surprise, Watchung Reservation

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