On life after the GREs

17 Jul

Flowers from hubby

Yesterday I have finally taken the infamous GRE exam. Although this was the third time I have taken it over the years (starting sometime in 2005), I will remember this instance for a while. In spite of the fact that I studies for two months straight, using three different books, performed a bunch of practice tests, learned wacky vocabulary, practiced writing 6-7 paragraph essays in under 30 minutes, and other aberrant things, – I barely broke my old score. I am still waiting to hear about the essays as they take a while to grade. I will see my final score soon.

I sincerely hope that the graduate admissions committee will look past unfortunate scores and will consider other aspects of being capable: your GPA, your resume, work experience, statement of purpose, academic writing sample, etc.

I am deeply saddened by this. Yesterday, as I was picking up my wonderful hubby from the train, I saw him walking towards me with flowers. He knew I would feel down. That’s right, he is amazing.

A and I reflected on the exam yesterday. By “reflected” I mean I talked, he listened, and then offered his perspective. Although I didn’t score as high as I wanted to, there are obvious advantages. I know a lot more math, I enjoy a lot more math. I have acquired a broad range of English vocabulary and I get a kick out of using it every opportunity I get.  Looking at a silver lining here.

A famous quote states “If you are not failing, you are not trying hard enough.” I will continue trying.




3 Responses to “On life after the GREs”

  1. smartypantz July 17, 2013 at 6:35 pm #

    I’m still preparing to prepare to take the GRE in September-ish to apply to grad school in the Fall. I can’t imagine taking it three times…

    Good luck on your entrance into Grad School!


    • This is the third time I am taking it 🙂 The first time was right after my BA -back in 2004 so that has expired. Too bad they are only good for 5 years. My second one was for my Master’s – and it was fine. Fine for master’s that is, NOT fine for a doctorate. I hope this GRE will be ok for the doctorate program and they’ll look at other things that are relevant… Good luck on your studies!



  1. Accepted! | Lavender Reflections - December 9, 2013

    […] in July, I have written a post titled “Life After the Gre’s“… In the post, I have lamented my low math score, in spite of intensely studying for […]


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