Work Out Clothes – Secret Motivator?

18 Jul

After performing many careful observations and self-evaluations, I submit that what you wear to your workouts affects your actual workout motivation. My hypothesis is based purely on my own motivation and experience.

Let me set the premise first. I am 32, very healthy, and naturally thin, 5′ 8” and 120 lb. I know, I know. WHY do I EVER need to go to the gym?? (some people’s comments, recorded by me). The answer  is to be stronger and continue being as healthy as I am now.

My typical work out routine involves doing weights at the gym, maybe twice a week; a couple of hot yoga classes; a bike ride down in Watchung Reservation, if it’s not too hot or too cold. I also have a tendency to take long breaks – like 4 months of continuous laziness/busyness/discouragement…. Presently, I have been on a roll since about May but who knows what would happen when September rolls around? 😉

Last year my workout clothes consisted of ratty, old t-shirts four sizes bigger than me, and college sweats that have also seen better times. This year for Christmas my hubby got me some work out clothes made by VSX, a Victoria’s Secret sport line. A few happy, colorful headbands, really cute, bright-colored sports bras, and some brave yoga pants. My first reaction was to rebel. If you have seen the VSX models, you’ll understand – I am no prude but some outfits are  way too opened:


I was also a little skeptical – this is NOT the attire we wear to our gym in New Jersey!! (If you do, then I apologize, I am talking strictly about the gym I go to).

My husband (who works for VS Corporate Office) had convinced me to at least try the clothes on. I shyly put the hot pink sports bra on and we went to the gym. I do not know what it is about looking great when you workout but it truly does motivate you. You know those big mirrors every gym has? Well, imagine yourself wearing the outfit below or a ratty, shapeless t-shirt and old sweats:


I now wanted to go work out more often because I looked great. And that, in conjunction with working out, made me feel great, made me feel motivated.

I have started slow – a purple sports bra and yoga pants, but I now feel comfortable wearing shorts and a sports bra. Yes, your stomach is exposed, yes, people can see your legs. But guess what, you are at the gym, not in the opera.  And if they are gawking, it is clearly their problem, not yours.


To conclude, I submit that WHAT you wear to any of your workouts (whether it is a yoga class, spinning, plain old gym or running in the park) has some influence on your fitness motivation.  It surely did for me. What about you?


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