What can you celebrate today?

23 Jul

What can you celebrate today?

It is not even eight o’clock, but the day is already fabulous. After I dropped A off at the station, I have come back home, poured myself a cup of coffee and stared out of the window. It’s cloudy, fresh, and so, so pleasant. So, the day has not even really begun for me, but what can I celebrate already?

1. The freshness of the air. After 10 straight days of unbelievable heat, it is just so amazing to breathe in that fresh, moist air… I think it smells like a mixture of rain and ocean.

2. Running water. Brushing your teeth, washing your face, taking a shower, washing dishes. Running water is a luxury that not every one has access to. So, celebrate it.

3. A company of my animals. When I walked back in the door, both of my cats were there to greet me. Although they don’t speak, I have understood the message: ” we are glad you are here.”

4. An amazing cup of coffee. And I can have two!

5. My breath. In Hinduism, breath is the most sacred thing. Prana, the breath, is what separates us from being dead. If you are still breathing, you have prana, that means everything is more than fine. You are alive. Let’s celebrate our breath.

What about you? What little things are you celebrating?


3 Responses to “What can you celebrate today?”

  1. Simple Northern Life July 23, 2013 at 12:17 pm #

    I can celebrate the little things in life, perhaps the chores that I do to make my family a welcoming home. Celebrate afterward with a cup of tea and honey and listen to music before my husband gets home. ~Allie~


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