The One Thing Successful People All Seem To Have In Common

26 Jul

Smart, very smart

Thought Catalog

There is something I have noticed that truly successful people have in common. It’s as though this one little thing is the common denominator for getting somewhere in life. Now, I am certainly not talking about success just by the means of wealth or a high position in a company or something traditional like that. I’m talking about the people who have been able to pursue what they truly love and make a life out of it. People who are happy with things as they are, and who live in the moment. I guess you could say, people who are successful in the ways I hope to be successful someday.

I’ve noticed it time and time again, I’ve seen articles written about it, people discuss it on talk shows, and yet, no matter how much publicity this topic is given, people, at large, still can’t seem to implement it entirely…

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