Need to get myself out of this funk…

28 Jul


Friday has been such a difficult day for A and I. We fought and fought and fought… And although we fight in a very respectful way, (never name calling or threatening or insulting), it is still extremely upsetting. So, Friday was pretty much shot. I spent that day ruminating, seething with anger over the world’s injustice, and wallowing in mild hysteria.

Today is Sunday, and I can still feel that I am in a “funk”… Any suggestions how to take myself out of this annoyance and continue living the great life I was living three days ago?… I am tired on being in the bad mood, tired of having a stomachache, tired of sulking.

In a few minutes A and I are going to the gym. Later on today I want to take the bike out…

Will consider any advice on this! 🙂



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