Summer days, filled with wonder

7 Aug

Ever since this summer started, my days have been filled with all kinds of physical activities: gym, hot yoga, swimming, hiking, and riding a bike. 

Additionally, I have been reading voraciously, spending time on meditation, blogging, and learning about things I usually don’t have time for. I have also been practicing mindfulness in every day things like washing dishes, brushing my teeth, driving, standing in a line, having coffee…

I’d love to share a few photo collages that give a good idea of my biking ventures. Those photos are only one small part of my summer 2013 photo folder… Is it bad that I take so many? I keep telling myself that I am creating the memories. I plan on looking at them sometime in January 😉


Watchung Reservation has been my all season soul-nurturing place. I come here to read, hike, ride a bike, meditate.




Sandy Hook is also my all time favorite place to be. History, beach, perfect biking trails, ice cream trucks… One word- heaven!


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