Wake Up Early Day 2: observations

8 Aug

Four AM is when I wake up these days. Today it was 4:08. No, I don’t have insomnia. Strangely, I choose to wake up that early. But today is just day 2. I know my intentions will be challenged when it’s cold, rainy outside, and the comforter seems so warm and comfortable.

Observations from yesterday: I have accomplished more than most people by 6. By 6 AM I have had my coffee, meditated, wrote a blog post, read other people’s blog posts, went to the gym, took a shower, and had breakfast. I was also surprised to learn that although it felt like 1 in the afternoon, it was actually only 10AM! By around 2 PM I have felt very tired, but at that time I was also at the pool with my book đŸ˜‰

I have also went to a Buddhist evening service at So Shim Sa center. Traditionally, monks say their gratitude prayers around 5:30 for that day, for its victories and challenges. Yesterday was my first time, and I enjoyed it tremendously. The service is only thirty minutes. Yet after a bit of chanting and giving gratitude, you feel renewed. At 8, after hubby and I had dinner, I had retired to the bedroom and fell asleep after reading for a few minutes.

I intend to stick my my 4 AM waking time. And I can feel that it will soon be more difficult but I’m sticking to it! Today is yoga, early morning walk/run and reading.

What time do you wake up? Why? What is your morning routine? How do you make your morning special?

Early mornings

Early mornings





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