Waking Up Early Tips

16 Aug

And so the Waking Up Early Venture continues… Sometimes it’s five am, sometimes four, sometimes six… At the moment, I am looking for the optimal time to wake up so I can train myself before school starts.

I have to say, four in the morning is just brutal. I feel tired pretty much all day long UNLESS I can take a 30 minutes nap sometime in the afternoon. Five in the morning is more tolerable and I enjoy it immensely. Six o’clock is too late.

So, to wrap up the waking up early venture, I can outline some aspects that I hope you find helpful:

1. Stick to it. You will feel so proud of yourself if, day by day, you stick to your goal and industriously climb out of bed. You will feel so productive, motivated and way ahead of everybody else for you will accomplish 6 things by 6 AM while everyone else is just waking up and brushing their teeth.

2. Put water on your face – first thing. It really works for me, and feels nice and refreshing.

3. Line up some stuff to do. If you don’t have stuff lined up (gym, yoga, reading, blogging, walking, cooking, etc), then it will be very tempting to climb back into bed. Keep yourself busy and scheduling things that you don’t have time doing during the day or after work. Exercise is a perfect example. Plus, if you exercise early in the AM, your brain is not fulling awake yet and doesn’t “negotiate” with you…

4. Make it pleasant. I tremendously enjoy waking up early. I look forward to the activities: meditation, reading, blogging, writing in my diary, answering emails, listening to the Great Courses lectures, having coffee, going out for a run. The world is so unbelievably quiet at that hour, until the birds come in.

5. Create a ritual. In addition to the above things, I like to watch the sun rise and have my own little ritual of gratitude. It’s a new day, I am alive and healthy. My family, friends, and animals are alive and healthy. I will make this day the best day possible by practicing gratitude, compassion, and mindfulness. I will be doing my best with any venture that comes my way, whether it’s a victory or a challenge.

What about you? If you are an early riser, what are some of the tips you can suggest?

Love that early morning sunshine!

Love that early morning sunshine!


3 Responses to “Waking Up Early Tips”

  1. Defining Fit and Healthy August 17, 2013 at 5:15 am #

    Oh wow I really needed to see this. I have been struggling to get up early because my summer work hours have been all over the place. I’m going back to college soon and need to be able to get up but it hard to re train your body. These are very helpful tips. What kind of meditation do you do?


    • Finer Things in Life August 17, 2013 at 11:13 am #

      Thanks for your comment! Waking up early has so many benefits, but you have to do it right. I have slipped many times 🙂 don’t beat yourself up, just acknowledge that you, we’ll, screwed up and continue.
      As for my meditation, I usually set my timer for 10 min, close my eyes, and repeat a chosen mantra. Short and simple.

      Good loch with being an early riser, you’ll do great!


      • Defining Fit and Healthy August 17, 2013 at 4:16 pm #

        Thanks for the positivity! I went to sleep late last night so I didn’t do so well with getting up early. I’ll try better tonight into tomorrow. I want to try 10 minutes of meditation as you suggested.


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