Vacation in Maine

23 Aug

This week A and I are on vacation. In Maine. And so far this trip has been more than amazing.

We arrived last Saturday and have been spending our time doing the following things: hiking Acadia, canoeing Acadia, biking in Acadia, watching sunsets in Acadia. Eating lobster, eating lobster rolls, eating woodie pies. Reading. Blogging. Talking. Laughing. Playing games. Relaxing.

I have a lot to say about Acadia National Park. I have been to some amazing places in this World and have seen some extraordinary sights: Machu Picchu, the Ring of Kerry, Luangprabang, Central Asian steppes, and Vietnamese lotus fields… But nothing compares with the beauty of Acadia National park. It’s so simple yet majestic: huge boulders, pines, and lakes. The trails leading to Dorr Mountain, Cadillac Mountain, the Gorge, the Jordan Pond, the Long Pond offer a completely different experience. My dream now is to hike Acadia in the fall for THAT kind of beauty you need to prepare yourself for.

Oh forgot… We have started our journey in a beautiful city of Portland, Maine. And the photo below is from Portland Museum of Arts. I find it truly amazing. It is called “Strawberries” by Eduard Manet.



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