Gratitude and Reflection… At Four in the Morning.

30 Aug

This morning I was up at 4:08. Intentionally. The thing is, I have been trying to train myself to become not just an early riser (I’ve always been the one to be up by six) but the “EARLY” riser. Four in the morning is my target hour to rise, nine in the evening is when I should be in bed. I have to say, I slipped quite a few times. By practicing self compassion, I have pulled through.

What do I love about these EARLY mornings? Oh, just about everything… First of all, I love how quiet the world is: not a single car, not a single light in a window. Since I also meditate in the morning, I have became aware that the only sounds that I hear in the morning are the follows:

1. Crickets churping

2. The humming of our refrigerator

3. Cats using a clawing post (sometimes).

Secondly, I realize how productive I can be this early. Productive regarding me-time. I wouldn’t vacuum or do the dishes since A. is still sleeping but I read, exercise, meditate, listen to some professional development, work on research, blog, and be grateful. This uninterrupted me-time is precious for me.

This week I have started teaching at SHU (Seton Hall University) and next week I am starting at the middle school. As I was setting up and organizing both my classroom and my SHU nook, a sense of gratitude washed over me. I am so glad that ten years ago I switched my fields from being an interpreter to getting into an education field. Teaching really has been my bread and butter. The middle school where I teach now is amazing. I feel valued. I am professionally and financially fulfilled. I am growing as a teacher and as an aspiring administrator. Adjuncting at Seton Hall provides extra income and valuable higher education experience that I will need for my PhD.

My intention is to remember this sense of gratitude when one or both jobs get tough (and they always do). There will always be challenges, it’s your attitude towards them that matters.

It is now 4:45. The day is unfolding ahead of me, full of possibilities for growth. Carpe Diem, they say. I think I’m going to go and do just that – carpe my diem.



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