Let’s Talk About Hair

31 Aug

We love our hair when it looks great. We hate it when it doesn’t look so great… I have been blessed with a lot, yet very thin, hair. I’d like to have more but 9 out of 10 times I’m ok with the mane I have been given.

Oprah has dedicated the whole issue to just hair. And these are some of the interesting questions she is asking her readers:

1. My daily hair routine consists of…

Alternating wash and dry shampoo. And although I don’t particularly enjoy the feeling of that dry shampoo in my hair, it gives it a clean look. And it saves so much time! There are days I have to be at the school at 7am, I cannot imagine washing, drying, and styling in the morning!

2. The best hair advice I’ve received is…

Cut it. I’ve always had super long tresses. Russian girls don’t really cut their hair, especially with a mother like mine. Having lived in the States for a while, i saw an elongated bob. Last year I went to visit my good friend in Poland and she brought me to the hair dresser that gave me an elongated bob look. I thought I looked phenomenal. And although I am now ready to try something else, I will always remember that liberating feeling when I first cut my hair.

3. My hair idol is…

Cameron Diaz. Fun, flirty and not afraid of change.

4. My most memorable style was…

A low-do for my wedding. My hair held out for 11 hours!!

What about you? What are some of your hair woes and dreams?



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