Why not now?

8 Sep

So far today is a very productive day…

One of the goals for today was to get through around 3 issues of Success Magazine that I just didn’t have any time to read. There was an article called “Why Not Now?” and it provided some very easy tips how to happier and healthier.

1. Believe in yourself. I know. Corny. But it works! I used to be a terrible pessimist but slowly train myself to consciously switch my outlook.

2. Sleep. Wow. What a no-brainier. I’ve always been a very good sleeper so one point for me šŸ™‚

3. Eat lean food. Another wise suggestion. I naturally enjoy fruit and vegetables so no problem here.

4. Stop the train of runaway thoughts. Uff… That’s a biggie for me. Need to work on that. Usually I stop my negative thinking by asking myself ” is it beneficial?” And “what are you getting out of this thinking?” And the answer is always – no, and absolutely nothing.

5. Exercise. Have been, quite diligently. Actually, very proud of myself.

6. Hang out with a buddy. I can see how it’s beneficial for your happiness. Unfortunately, with two jobs and no Facebook account it became difficult to do that… Need to find a solution.

7. Take fish oil supplement. I am big on vitamin D as it truly works when I feel down. Perhaps I can try fish oil as well.

8. Quit smoking -not applicable.

9. Go to the park. Yes!! Being in nature releases stress that’s a given for me, at least once a week.

10. Not too much alcohol. D’uh. I rarely drink and if I do I keep in within the norms, one glass of wine.

What about you? How are YOU with the above categories?

One Response to “Why not now?”

  1. David Kanigan September 8, 2013 at 8:59 pm #

    11: Eat Chocolate Chip Cookies Daily.


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