Good evening, good night…

18 Sep

What a productive day, wonderful, creative day….

It started at 4:02am when I forced myself to get out of bed and make coffee. I SO wanted to hit that snooze and reset the alarm for 5am instead… SO wanted to do that…
Instead, as my morning coffee was brewing, I straightened up the house.

When coffee was ready, I climbed back into bed and read Success magazine. After about 40 minutes of very inspirational reading, I went out for 20 min jog. Man, was it cold… Need to remember to wear a beanie or something….

I had breakfast, took a shower, got dressed, read some more, listened to a Success CD and got on the road. I was at school by 6:38am.

Another thing I have realized today- when I was teaching, I was in the FLOW. You know, that concept of being so engaged that you forget about time. When I teach, when I plan, when I am creative, when I problem solve, I am in the flow…

And one last thing for tonight.
The nightly 3 things I am thankful for:
1. Motivation to get up at 4 am, as planned. Proud of myself.
2. Fresh, cool weather. The sweater weather. I just love it.
3. Creativity and resourcefulness of my brain and spirit.

Good night, see you in the AM. Four am that is 🙂

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