La Cabeza Espanola at MoMA

19 Sep



During our yet another activity from the “Hat”, my husband and I did dinner and a museum in New York City. We visited Museum of Modern Art. I have been once before…but for their Halloween party so it was dark and crowded. This time it was crowded, but not dark. We got in for free thanks a Uniglo sponsored Fridays.

I usually appreciate earlier forms of art but was quite interested in modern art. Some of it shocked me (blood splotches that looked like flowers), repulsed me (human hair and nails incorporated into a painting), puzzled me (You mean, a 2 year old didn’t paint that??) or made me think (a collage of newspaper clippings from East Germany). And then there was a painting called “the Spanish Head”. I am not sure what I so like about it but I had to share it with you. The colors are so rich, the shapes are so unique… There is one “head” that dominates the painting and that figure is dark… The smaller paintings around the dark figure seem to come from different places and different periods in history.

What do you think?…


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