On happiness… Again…

28 Sep

Good morning, and happy Saturday!

I receive the Action for Happiness newsletter every week. This week they have shared some no-brainier strategies that lead to contentment, happiness, and fulfillment.

Savour Positive Experiences. This is about deepening the enjoyment of life’s good times so that you squeeze all the juice out of a positive experience.

Practise Gratitude. Appreciating what’s good in life and what’s going well so that you can overcome the mind’s negativity bias which makes us notice what’s wrong before we notice what’s right.

Use your Strengths. Identifying and playing to your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses – one of the best ways to build well-being and reduce symptoms of depression.

Live Life with Meaning & Purpose. This is about the deeper form of happiness. The things that give you a sense of fulfilment.

Nurture Relationships. Our connections to others are the no1 source of happiness which is precisely why they need tender loving care.

Learn Optimism. Optimism is psychological self-defense, thinking strategies that can protect you from the pessimistic thinking that drags you down.

Build your Resilience. The good news is that resilience is ‘ordinary magic’ there are many everyday things that help you bounce back from difficulty.

Positive Directions. Having a goal in mind gives you a sense of progress and achievement.


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