Reflecting on the past week…

5 Oct

The weekend is here and I have no idea how it got here so fast. It makes me both happy and unhappy.

Happy because I enjoy working both at Seton Hall and Basking Ridge, I like to stay busy and not worry about how many more hours I have before I can go home. During the week I feel productive, resourceful, and creative.

Unhappy because I feel time passing, and it’s passing fast. It makes me think how we spend our days working, making a living, taking care of our children, parents, friends, paying the bills… I have been trying to incorporate some activities that I really enjoy, and not just on the weekend. I have been doing activities that I enjoy during the WEEK. For instance, on Tuesday I went for a long walk in the autumn woods. On Thursday I went to So Shim Sa for an evening service, prayer and meditation. Friday after work I went out with my dear colleagues for a beer. And every morning, upon waking, I have had my coffee, went to the gym/ jog with my hubby, gazed at the stars through an app on my iPad, wrote in my journal and read my book.

Another activity that I like to perform at the end of the week is taking an inventory of everything you did. Oil change, check. Called mom and dad, check. Went grocery shopping, check. Watched a movie, check. Went to the gym, check. Listened to a lecture, check. This way when that feeling of “what did I spend my time on this week” rolls around, you’ll know.

This weekend I am feeling a bit out of sorts: scratchy throat, runny nose, watery eyes. I was supposed to volunteer with Kappa Delta Pi for a few hours but had to cancel. I plan to rest up because tonight is Fright Fest for my good friend’s birthday!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


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