The gift that you ARE…

13 Oct

You are the gift by the Duchess of Love! So inspiring!

the duchess of love

There is nothing to do, nothing to prove, nothing to have or to gain that will make you the gift that you already are to the world. You simply ARE the GIFT!

In our society we have bought the idea that we are never enough (the game of lack) and made it REALLY personal. “I’ll be amazing when”…the grass is always greener concept related to ourselves.  “When I have “enough” money…when I get promoted…when I can buy that car, house, yacht…when I get married, when I have children…then my life will have meaning, I will have value.” We are trained to go after the future to find our happiness, to “become” something “greater,” always striving for someday, and someday never comes. Someday always stays “someday.” We work ourselves into a tizzy, our fingers to the bone…worried, stressed, anxious, hoping that “someday” we will get a break. AND we will, it’s…

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