Grateful Wednesday

17 Oct

As I wind down after a busy and productive day, I give thanks.

I usually try to stop myself and give thanks for various things a few times a day. Today was a bit of a whirlwind day, so I am offering my gratitude right now, in this post.
My nightly three are:
1. I have successfully made it until the end of today and tomorrow is another day.
2. I have been productive and performed meaningful work that affected the lives of my students and my colleagues.
3. I have my husband’s unconditional love. Our relationship is based on trust, respect, and mutual support of each other’s interests and hobbies.

Extra credit: I am thankful for everyone with whom I came in contact with today, directly or via other means. If we met because you supported me with something, thank you for your support. If we met and you challenged me with something, thank you for the challenge for it made me learn.

Sending love and light. Have a wonderful, restful night. See you at 4am tomorrow morning 🙂



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