Apple season!

20 Oct

Apple Season from my fellow blogger. Check it out!


Since I’ve been sidelined with an injury for the past two weeks, I have started to reevaluate my eating patterns. For one, I eat way too much meat, I have some at just about every meal. And two, my version of fruit and veggie portions was way out of whack.

My nutrition class this past week focused on the benefits and disadvantages of a meat diet vs a vegetarian diet. The jury is still out in my opinion, but right now I’m leaning towards a vegetarian diet with compliments of seafood, some dairy and the occasional chicken or lean turkey. So with my activity level being at about 2% compared to what I’m normally at, I’ve decided to make some changes to my current diet, just to see how I feel.

In the last two weeks, I’ve drastically cut down on meat and increased my veggies, fruits and whole grains…

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