Weekly Reflection: What Have I Done Right and What Could I Have Done Differently?

26 Oct

As I give thanks for this week, I muse on various things that happened during this past week. I have been very productive, living in accordance with my life values. I have avoided laziness, and hibernation. I have worked hard on my goals and, on certain days, enjoyed the present moment.

Unfortunately, I have let anxiety take my inner world over. The thing is, I was observed on Friday, by our principal. All teachers get observed and being in the profession for many years, I know that it is the best way. However, I still get nervous, and still mull that lesson over and over in my mind. I think, and think, and analyze. Take the lesson apart and put it back together. WHY? It’s over and done. At the post-conference, I will receive her feedback and subsequently learn from it.  

Apart from being overly anxious, I had a wonderful week. I hiked, I meditated at So Shim Sa, I wrote, and read my book. I emailed and called some friends. Still waking up at 4AM, I went to the gym, reflected, and planned my days. I gave thanks for every new day and for all the wonderful things that are in my life right now. I visited a library and spend a great hour catching up on magazines. 

I give gratitude for all the things that are in my life at this moment, even if some of them are challenges. I send love and light to every person with whom I came in contact with this past week, and wish them well. I appreciate every day of my life, with no days being “favorite”, all days being equally wonderful for each new day is a gift.



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