Hate working out? Try these tips.

17 Nov

I have always been super thin, borderline bony. Never HAD to go to the gym. A few years ago, as I hit the big 3-0, I have decided to join the gym. Fast forward to now, I have gained considerable muscle, body tone, and strength. Here are some of my tried and true fitness tips:

1. Bring a book/iPad/iPhone for your cardio. I get bored very easily and bringing a book to read, a TED video to watch or a lecture to listen to helps when I have 20 minutes of cardio to get through.

2. Mix up your strength training routine. Get an app from Google Play with ideas and do a bunch of different exercises every time you come. The workout “rut” is the worst, mix things up! Try exercises that are out of your comfort zone (for me that you be medicine ball). Don’t worry about looking “silly” or clumsy.

3. Look at your workout time as an investment into “you”. Feel good about yourself, be proud that you have made it to the gym/park/basement. The fact that you are already there is an accomplishment. Enjoy and be proud.

4. Actually schedule it into your day. And hold that commitment. You would cancel a date with a friend, then why are you canceling a date with yourself?

5. I don’t believe in rewards. My rewards are as follows: a lean, healthy body. A healthy, strong heart. Clear mind, strong willpower. Better mood. Looking great in the pencil skirt. Coworkers asking how I maintain looking like this. The fact that, as I age (happens to everybody), my body will maintain its strength and resilience.

I hope you find these tips helpful 🙂



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