November… Foggy and lovely

19 Nov

I have ventured out with my camera into my beloved Watchung Reservation. That November Sunday it was foggy, warm, a bit dark, and so, so quiet… It was a fabulous walk, and the pictures are proof that even a cloudy and a foggy day can be a fabulous day. For that, I am grateful.

01-DSC_0003-002 02-DSC_0004-002 03-DSC_0005-002 04-DSC_0007-002 05-DSC_0010-002 06-DSC_0011-002 07-DSC_0012-002 08-DSC_0013-002 09-DSC_0017-002 10-DSC_0021-002 11-DSC_0024-002 12-DSC_0027-002 13-DSC_0028-002 14-DSC_0029-002 15-DSC_0032-001 16-DSC_0033-001

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