A winter hike…

30 Nov



Black Friday… Instead of shopping – a winter hike… Breathing in fresh, crisp air… In and out… Snap, snap, my camera talks… Sun so bright it hurts my eyes. Sun feels great on my face… Keep walking, into the woods, along the lake… Quiet… Only a distant hum of traffic on route 78… Crunch, crunch, branches under my winter boots… There is a thin crust of ice on the surface of the lake… I take an empty snail shell and throw in into the middle… It skids and makes a dent but the ice crust is still intact…

I feel like a child in the woods… Curious about every single thing I see: the trail, the clouds, the lake, the leaves, the trees… Walk a bit more. Stop and admire. Admire the resilience of nature. Admire nature’s ability to be reborn. Admire the cycles of nature where life and death go hand in hand yet there is little grief…

Walk further. I make a note that winter woods are different from any other season… Quiet, strong, reserved, yet so beautiful. The scent is different, the sounds are different, more muffled…

Turn around… Walk back to the car… Snap, snap my Nikon talks… Crunch, crunch my winter boots talk… Crisp air in and out of my lungs… Ahhhhhh, my heart sighs, just what you needed…



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