The Comfort Zone

1 Dec

I have been feeling warm and cozy lately. Both at home and at work. That probably means I have hit a plateau and possibly stopped growing.

At home A and I get along great, even when we argue, we argue in a very respectful way. We support each other, and each other’s interests and hobbies. We both have our jobs that we enjoy that make us more than stable in a financial sense. We still do our “Hat Treaty” stuff where we go and try different things, together, whether it’s rock climbing or a burlesque show in NYC.

From a professional stand point, I definitely feel warm and cozy. Both Basking Ridge and Seton Hall are going well – busy as usual but pleasant. This warm, fuzzy feeling of “everything is going great” is a sign that I have stopped growing. And I need to do something about it.

I am still waiting to hear from Seton Hall and whether they are willing to take me into their PhD program. If it’s a no (which is very possible), then I will be looking into other ventures, possibly Columbia. I am searching for things to supplement my professional development with – KDP webinars, listening to lectures, taking notes on new strategies, connecting with people on Twitter. In fact, I plan to dedicate 2 hours next week to professional research, whether it’s in the area of teaching World Languages or the area of school administration. TWO hours researching,reading articles, taking notes, collaborating, etc. This way I know that I am moving forward.

Here is how my week is looking so far:

Monday – Basking Ridge, then Seton Hall. Late night. Finish at 7PM, home by 7:30PM.

Tuesday – BR 7AM till 2:35PM, tutoring a student for 1 hour, home at 4:00. A webinar at 8PM till 9:15PM, on Common Core.

Wednesday – BR, spend 1 hour researching anything in my field. Then – see “Fun” list.

Thursday – BR, then So Shim Sa evening service and meditation, 5:30 to 7PM.

Friday – BR, free night. See “Fun” List.

My wake up time is 4AM, followed by gym, coffee, reading for the soul, breakfast, and getting ready for work. A and I are out of the door at 6AM.

Also, at the beginning of the week, I put together a “Fun” list of activities that I enjoy, and choose from it during the week. This way my week is not garbled up by work and errands only.

Week of 12/1/2013 “Fun” list:

~ read

~ take a walk (possibly with my Nikon)

~ call/text/email a friend

~ watch a TED video

~ listen to the Great Courses lecture, take notes. (Currently World Religions series).

~ visit a local library

~ write a blog post

~ meditate for 20 minutes (timer set).

~ re-evaluate and strategize my goals.

Hopefully, the above things will help me get out of my comfort zone, and really use my time productively this coming week…

What about you? How do you know when you are in the comfort zone? How do you get out of it? Please share!

Have a great week!

(Below are the pictures I have snapped during one of my many walks with my Nikon at Watchung Lake).

7-DSC_0018 8-DSC_0013-001 6-DSC_0020 9-DSC_0009-001 5-DSC_0022 4-DSC_0024 3-DSC_0026 2-DSC_0027


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