What I didn’t like about being an adjunct professor

30 Dec

After the whole year of working as an adjunct at Seton Hall University, I have told them that no, I am not coming back next semester. I have told them no, and immediately felt better. That means it was the right decision.

Here are the following things that I believe need to be addressed (for both faculty and students sake):

Extreme disorganization. I would think that at this level people will be organized. It’s a university, for chrissake… I guess I am spoiled – I come from a public school where myself and most of my colleagues are extremely organized.

In addition, the following things has slowly made me hate the adjunct position:

~the “what do you think you deserve” attitude towards grading. I, on the other hand, had an excel sheet with all grades entered. Again, coming from a public school, I cross my t’s and dot my i’s. I think it should be done at the university level as well.

~difficulty getting answers

~terrible culture in the department

~no collaboration between the colleagues

~assumption that others know when they don’t

~ zero technology use

~ old, ancient pedagogy. Speaking in English when teaching Russian.

All in all, I have gained one valuable thing out of it – experience. For that I am grateful. The rest of the things that need fixing can be attributed to a very weak leadership of the department chair, old school way of thinking, and unfortunate unwillingness to try new things.



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