On karma…

13 Feb

For a long time I have been a believer of Karma, the universal law of “what you put out there, will come back” or ” what you reap is what you sow”.

This concept of karma has also been helpful with: decisions I make daily, and how I react to things.

I have had many opportunities to not scan my membership card at a yoga place thus saving myself a class, or saying that yes, that was my idea when praised for it at work, although it could have been my colleague who came up with it. But every time I observe an opportunity like that, I hear my inner voice whisper “Psst… Bad karma…” And although my yoga instructor is busy, I make sure I scan my card and pay for that class… Or say “My colleague and I collaborated on that idea”. The feeling of relief then washes over me.

What about you? Have observed karma in action? How do you manage to avoid bad karma? Please share!



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