My Random Act of Kindness – Family Dollar

14 Feb


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! How is your day, so far?

Mine has been amazing. 

I’d like to share my random act of kindness that was done at my local Family Dollar store. 

After I had gone to the bank and cashed my tutoring checks (extra income that I get from tutoring my students), I have asked the cashier to please give me $20 in all singles. I then drove to the local dollar store, and, using my post-it notes, started leaving these one dollar bills in random places in the dollar store. I left one in Valentine’s Day decorations section, one in frozen food isle, one in  candy isle, one in oral hygiene isle, one in cleaning supplies isle. Bread isle, chips and pretzels, aluminum foil, make-up, ramen noodles and pasta… Pretty much all over the store until I ran out of all 20 singles.

One lady saw me do this and asked whether she can take one. I said of course, you can take them all if you’d like. Her eyes moistened and she smiled. She then gave me a hug muttering “God bless you” under her breath. Afterwards, I saw a young kid taking a picture of the dollar bill with his phone. A Hispanic couple were smiling and speaking to each other “Mira, que cosa mas linda!” (Look, it’s a beautiful thing!)

I have left the store shortly after leaving all of my dollar bills behind. My heart was full, my mind – at peace, my eyes soft and ready to spill. 

Below are some pictures.




3 Responses to “My Random Act of Kindness – Family Dollar”

  1. Finer Things in Life February 14, 2014 at 8:35 pm #

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂



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