Last night, we fought

22 Feb

Last night, we fought… It started with me asking A to have a meaningful conversation, and him saying sure yet still clicking through Netflix. It continued with me going into the bedroom and sulking. It progressed with A sleeping in the other room. It grew as we woke up, not saying good morning or greeting each other, angry, disappointed. It culminated with me standing in the kitchen, crying, feeling my Ego as it overtook me, not letting me go to A and say I’m sorry.

It came to an end when I came to him, and weeped in his arms. It continued with me saying how sorry I am, and explaining the situation. I wanted a meaningful conversation, not small talk. He just came back from work, he wanted to unwind and watch some TV.

It continued as we went out and spend some time together, outside of the house. We had a meaningful, deep conversation. Flowing, asking and answering questions. Things I read that are important to me, things he notices in other people that he wanted to share…

Bottom line, we are both lucky.



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