10 Secrets to Express Yourself With Confidence

5 May

This article is perfect for a Monday morning! 🙂

Self-Improvement Blog

For too many years you have suffered from a bad case of “approval-seeking.” You were desperate for validation from others. You never wanted to risk stating how you felt about things for fear that it would rock the boat and cause conflict.

As a result, You saw myself as a victim of others’ mistreatment or neglect, when the truth was that you were really just a victim of your own fear: YOU WERE AFRAID TO BE YOU. Living your life dependent on the opinion of others will be your prescription for inner turmoil, depression, addiction, and chaos.

Learning to value your own opinions and desires have a ripple effect through every area of your life: You’re free to be yourself, and in turn you can allow others to be whomever and however they choose to be.

Here are some important lessons to remember as you learn to find and express…

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