Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy – Clarifying Your Values

23 May


I am currently enrolled in a “Becoming Resilient Person” course offered free of charge by University of Washington, and, more specifically, an EdX platform. This course is a MOOC which stands for massive open online course. 

Last week we had to reflect and clarify our life values and perform a Bull’s eye activity.The Bull’seye activity consists of clarifying and establishing your values,identifying key behaviors and seeing exactly WHERE you fall with those behaviors. The closer to the Bull’s Eye, the better. The closer to the Bull’s eye you fall, the closer you are to living in accordance to your values.

• How did the Bull’s Eye Exercise go for you this week? Did you notice any benefits in your mood, how you felt, how you dealt with stress?

Yes, yes, and yes. I felt more in control. After clarifying my values, I have spent some time figuring out all four domains and writing about them in my journal.

Mood: felt vulnerable yet proud of myself. Stress: I believe this activity actually caused a moderate amount of stress, which is understandable. But afterwards, clarifying my values helped me make small changes – saying goodbye to some people in my life, being honest with them, expressing my feelings thus avoiding resentment. I have realized that I am WAY too thoughtful and generous and I need to tune it down a notch to avoid being disappointed. As hard as it was to speak to those people, I now feel better.

• Based on your experience, how do you think clarifying values and committing to them could help people feel more satisfied with life?

Clarifying your values it’s like having a blue print or a map of your life. When faced with tough decisions, it helps to review your values and then make the best decision possible. For instance, one of my values is “to live a creative, productive life while experiencing new things” (leisure domain). And one of the target behaviors is to take a big trip to an exotic destination every two years. Sometimes it is hard to make a decision for this for money is involved. But it’s much easier to make that kind of the decision if you look at your “map” and see that yes, travel is one of my life values.

• What was challenging about values clarification and commitment?

In all honesty, it made me feel vulnerable for it’s hard to say exactly what you want from this life. And although I am a big self-help reader, still it was tough. Secondly, I think it would be beneficial to remember to review your values periodically so that means you have to carry them with you? Still need to figure that out.

• What are your plans for clarifying your values and staying committed to them in the future?

Great question. I need to come up with the strategy to either a) remember them by heart, or b) carry them with me, or c) review them in the morning… Or… d) write them down and leave a copy at home, in the car and at work…

2 Responses to “Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy – Clarifying Your Values”

  1. Sophie Cussen May 23, 2014 at 10:05 am #

    Thank you so much for sharing that. I had no idea of that massive (it looks extremely massive) open source resource online. I’m all excited now! 🙂
    I recently had a look at my own core values and how I can meet and interact with people who share my values and it’s a lot harder than I realised.
    Good luck with the development. 🙂


    • Finer Things in Life May 23, 2014 at 2:24 pm #

      Thanks for stopping by, Sophie. Clarifying values was not hard but committing to them prooves to be challenging 🙂


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