TLCs – Therapeutic Life Choices

20 Jun


TLCs – Therapeutic Life Choices

As I continue my quest with “Becoming a Resilient Person” with University of Washington, I have just made my way through week 6. Week 6 is dedicated to TLCs–Therapeutic Life Choices– easy and accessible ways to enhance your well-being and health.

Here is my weekly reflection on TLCs:

1. How did the therapeutic lifestyle change activities go for you this week? Did you notice any benefits in your mood, how you felt, how you dealt with stress?

It was good to find out some concrete techniques on how to introduce positive change into my life style. In general, my life style is good – I care about my well being, cultivate mind-body connection, and find time for leisure and relaxation.

I have decided to honestly evaluate all six TLCs and make any necessary changes.

#1 Exercise – inconsistent and, sometimes, non-existent

#2 Sleep – inconsistent bed times, and wake ups. Need to fix

#3 Eating – generally good (fruit, veggies, water, green tea). At times of high stress – terrible (cupcakes, cookies and ice cream). Should not BUY these things the it’s easier. Also, eating in front of the TV, restless eating, not mindful.

#4 Spend time in nature – very good. Hiking, taking walks, sitting outside.

#5 Finding Time for Leisure – average. I travel, and I love to blog. Also reading, but it may belong to the next category.

#6 Scheduling time for relaxation. Generally, I am very good with it – I go to SoShimSa for my weekly meditation, read books, do deep breathing exercises, reflect and blog. I also garden.

2) Based on your experience, how do you think therapeutic lifestyle changes could help people be happier, healthier, and more effective in life?

When I employ the above mentioned strategies, I feel like I am living a full, well rounded life. I feel like I make time to not only work and take care of the responsibilities but also to enjoy my life as a calm, whole person that is not swamped with obligations but has time both work and play.

3) What was challenging about practicing the therapeutic lifestyle changes?

Oh, it is just so tempting to keep working, to do one more task, clean one more room, watch one more episode, eat one more cookie… STOP, and reflect what is meaningful and what is beneficial. Does this action truly benefit me? Nine of of ten times it was a NO

4) What are your plans about continuing the therapeutic lifestyle changes in the future?

I will persevere and keep myself in check. I will review the six TLCs and incorporate them into my daily life. Perhaps I can hold myself accountable by reviewing them every morning?

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