Early mornings continue…

4 Aug

It has been a week since I am back from my trip. It feels like it’s been year, however. I slipped right into my usual routine of waking up at 4AM and doing things I enjoy. On my trip, I drove my room mate crazy (yes, it was a budget trip hence having room mates). She kept asking me WHY will you ever wake up at 5:30AM…ON VACATION?

I pointed out that usually my wake up time is 4AM, to be exact. I explained that I love early mornings when it feels like the world is still asleep. You cannot beat the beauty of a morning walk in your neighborhood. You cannot beat two hours of uninterrupted reading, writing, learning something new or reviewing your values and planning ahead. Ok, but ON VACATION?

Ok, on vacation, all of the above plus add some spectacular photo opportunities you get when you are up super early. I had some amazing photo moments of… rising sun, children going to school families having breakfast, street cleaning, washing cloths, praying, meditating… All these things are so private yet fascinating if you want to take a glimpse into other people’s lives. Well, and don’t forget your zoom lens!

On all of my trips, I usually come back with chuck-full-of-photos and travelog entries by the time our group is just waking up.

Here is an example of a 5:00AM photo in Australian Camp during Annapurna trek:

Lastly, the feeling of being super productive and doing things you enjoy before your job and life in general start making demands for your time – is unbeatable.

What is your favorite time of day? And,do you know any other people that are super early risers? I am curious to learn about their routine.


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