10 Roadblocks to true happiness

9 Sep

Finding your happiness

10 Roadblocks to True Happiness
There are many roadblocks that may be halting our happiness. I have written the most common roadblocks I hear from my clients and personal experience. These roadblocks are easy to avoid by taking simple steps and will help us all have balanced, abundant and happy lives.

1. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. We get stuck in habits that are not good for us. If we don’t change the bad habits then how can we change the outcome?

2. Keeping up with the Jones’ — If you’re constantly trying to keep up with everyone around you, you can’t be happy. You will be too busy comparing yourself to others. If we’re constantly comparing ourselves to others, we will never measure up. We will always focus on our faults. Comparing yourself to others is setting yourself up for failure, your…

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