Keeping the “part” in part-time

23 Sep

Need to pass it to Sandra…

Tenure, She Wrote

One of the main perks of working part time is, well… working part time.  My ideal schedule involves dropping the kids at school, working for a few hours, either prep-work at home or in-class time, maybe go for a run or work in the garden, and then pick my children up after school.

At a couple of institutions, this worked.  I went to campus, taught my class and came home.  Though…  this meant that I didn’t interact with other faculty and as a result I felt isolated from the rest of the department and a bit lonely professionally, and because my social network is made up primarily of non-scientists, something vital was missing for me.  At my current institution, I regularly interact with other faculty and a slew of support staff.  They are a dedicated and inspiring bunch, which means there is a lot of opportunity to get involved in…

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