Letting Go of Time

28 Oct

Source of Inspiration

Surrounded by clocks
everywhere I look.
Their numbered faces
ticking time away.
Rushing, always rushing
never enough time
everything a blur
details of life obscured.

Then one day I decided
to quit this crazy game.
Got rid of clocks, watches,
calendars, appointment books.
No more dreaded Mondays,
released-from-prison Fridays
treasured weekend.

No hours designated to sleep,
eat, play, work (which no longer
feels like work). Now, every day
is lived in the rhythms of nature,
bodily needs dictating its time.
I’ve ferreted out of my life
meaningless activities,
aimless conversations,
focusing on that which
feeds the soul
improves life
nourishes the earth.

I’ve learned to mosey
stop to watch a new
butterfly unfurl
do less, but all with care.

I do not multi-task
use the phone only
for emergencies
play whenever my
puppy invites me.

How much time is
wasted trying to
save time to do more
when doing less…

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