Thanksgiving weekend so far…

29 Nov

What a fun long weekend this is ended up being. An and I started celebrating on a Wednesday night when we went out for sushi in the middle of a snow storm. There is something very romantic and special about going out to eat in the snow storm. The restaurant was cozy and food-delicious. I just HAD to wear my hat: wpid-20141126_183956.jpg

After we came back, we watched a movie and I hunkered down in bed with the Alchemist and he continued watching in the den. On Thursday we cleaned the whole house together and it looked awesome. Around 2PM the turkey was ready and we had our Thanksgiving Feast. wpid-20141127_132705.jpg After that, I read for a bit and A was doing his projects on the computer. I also admit that I took a tiny, tiny nap- all that stuff in the turkey has made me tired.

Today we went out shopping-just out of curiosity to see what people are up to and possibly see the insanity of Black Friday. Well, there was NO insanity! Walmart- no one. Target- very few people. AC Moore- zilch. Huh, I thought, perhaps everyone is shopping online these days?

After we came  back, we finally finished my do-it-yourself project – A French Bulletin Board! Here it is, ready and hung: wpid-20141128_151013.jpg What do I have on there, you ask? Ah, well… A bunch of different things. Things that remind me how loved I am, things from friends, family, co-workers. Images of distant place; inspiring, meaningful accomplishments, and relevant quotes that keep me going… Tickets from Yo-Yo Ma concert, scraps of paper with things that I wrote because they resonated with me.

Today I have finished the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. What am amazing, amazing book. One quote has particularly stayed with me: “Before your dream is realized, the Soul of the World has to test everything you have learned on the way thus making that point the most difficult. That is the point when most people give up.” I am totally feeling it now regarding my doctoral program. Next week is when all of my papers are due, plus a final exam. I cannot help but feel helpless yet I know at am at a point when the Universe is testing me- and right after there will be light. And rest. And relief. And victory. How does it go? “The darkest hour of the night is an hour right before the sunrise.” And I ned to keep this in mind. Especially now.


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