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Please meet – Anger, Greed and Ignorance.

17 Aug

Many of you have probably seen a quote by Buddha about anger, that goes something like “When you are angry, it’s like drinking poison and hoping the other person will get sick.” So true, yet so hard to follow.

Last week, during my weekly meditation and dharma teaching session, Sunim mentioned the three poisons that exist in Buddhism and are the cause of all suffering. They are anger, greed and ignorance.

As the website Buddhism Teacher puts it, many of us are apt to be dominated by one of the poisons.  Even when one dominates the other two are always lying dormant, like dry seeds that can sprout whenever nourished.

Anger – one tends to be depressed or obsessed over political views, real or imagined enemies, or any of life’s negative realities.

Greed is manifested by stinginess, lack of compassion, hoarding or self-indulgence.  One tends to be attached to material things, thinking that more is better and that getting things will bring happiness.

Ignorance is present when we are not realizing our potential for true happiness, which is our true nature, our Buddha nature.  Ignorance causes insecurity and a feeling of weakness, powerlessness and apathy.

Greed’s companions are desire and lust, and these passions and attachments cause us to want to “get hold of” things, and to have more and more of them.  Anger’s friends are hatred, animosity and aversion, which cause us to reject what displeases us or infringes upon our ego.  Ignorance, which is “not knowing,” especially not knowing our true nature, paves the way for delusion or in our believing something that is false.

Although the Buddhist path has been extremely hard to follow, it has greatly nourished my spirit and has changed my outlook on life.

Yet, when I evaluate how I measure up when it comes to anger, greed and ignorance, I am terrified…  Continue reading

Daily Inspiration…

25 May





Let Go of Control

14 May

Oh sweet expression “I am in control!”… How much I love you. And how much anxiety you brought me… 

A simple truth rings in my ears tonight: “Let go of the desire to control. You can control only three things: your thoughts, your actions and your attitude.” You can NEVER control the outcomes of your decisions or other people’s actions. A simple truth yet so hard to live by…

I’d like to share this 10 minutes meditation from David Ji – 

The best 10 minutes you can invest in yourself

I did it yesterday, twice and plan on doing it again today. It is amazing:

Try it out. And remember – you control nothing except your own feelings, actions, and attitude.


Buddha’s birthday

4 May

Buddha’s birthday date is really unknown except for the fact that it was around this time of year. SoShimSa Buddhist temple is celebrating it today. This is the time to ask for wishes and hang them up on a lotus. I certainly did 🙂


Kick Ass Way 4- personal values = Self Care = A happy contented life

26 Jan

Determining your life values gives you an so called “internal compass”. I have tried it myself- when my days are not aligned with my life values, those are, well, bad days. It’s amazing how it works…

I review my values on a regular basis to keep myself “in check”:

1. Be kind
2. Be compassionate
3. Trust my intuition
4. Practice continuous learning
5. Help animals
6. Work hard and smart
7. See the World
8. Love myself
9. Take care of my body AND mind
10. Reflect.
11. Live honestly.
12. Enjoy the moment.

13. Accept.

Daily Inspiration

11 Dec

Good morning… May this day bring you joy in all areas of your life.




On coziness….

10 Nov

I love the feeling of cheer coziness. And it looks like today might be one of those perfect days… The air is crisp, the sun is shining, the leaves are bright, and the wind is fresh. I might go for a walk, definitely will go to So Shim Sa…

Let this Sunday be filled with special little things.


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