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I have a date with myself….

10 Mar

At the gym. Gonna get in ON! 🙂




Things that make me happy…

19 Jan


Cups of hot tea. Learning new things. Traveling to exotic places. Cozy fireplaces. Great books. Life conversations with friends. Seeing my students have aha moments. Spending time with my husband. Writing. Talking to dad. Hot yoga. That first cup of coffee. Snow. Full moon. Birds chirping. Winter holidays. All things summer. Beach. Bike. Late spring evening walks. Movies. Writing birthday cards. Sunrises and sunsets. Meditating at SoShimSa. Drifting to sleep. Waking up. Being who I am. Stroking a cat.


8 Dec

Back in July, I have written a post titled “Life After the Gre’s“… In the post, I have lamented my low math score, in spite of intensely studying for two months straight…

Last Friday I have received a formal letter of acceptance from Seton Hall University (my number one choice). Starting in January, I will be on my way to a Ph.D. in Higher Education, Management, and Policy.

I know it will be a long, thorny road. But I am ready. PhD-480x280


Hello, November…

2 Nov

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Dear November, I welcome you. I look forward to air getting cooler, more cozy, maybe a few flurries here and there. I look forward to hot black tea with cinnamon, turkey, mash potatoes, and gravy… I look forward to many days off due to teacher’s convention next week and Thanksgiving.

I look forward to continuing living my best life, further exploring Buddhism, living in accordance with my life values… I plan to spend my time doing things I love: reading, taking walks, meditating at So Shim Sa, blogging, exercising, seeing friends, spending time with A, learning,and reflecting.

October was a phenomenal month. November will be even better. What are your goals for this month?

Grateful Wednesday in October

10 Oct

This week is going amazingly well. Work is busy (both at Seton Hall and Basking Ridge) but so, so fulfilling… Plus I am doing things after work, like lectures, seminars and taking walks.

On Monday I taught at Basking Ridge then drove to SHU for my night session. Got caught in terrible weather but made it on time and had a wonderful class.

On Tuesday I taught at Basking Ridge and then went to the New Beginnings: from Darfur to America presentation. What an inspiring event! Makes you appreciate simple things in life, like having a job and being safe.

Today was a wonderful day as well. After work (around 2:45) I picked up my shoes from the shoe maker, got my brother a birthday card, got a flue shot, and went to the library to pick up a new book to read. Can’t wait to sink my teeth into that!

I am not lying in bed, with cats by my side. I am grateful for the way my life has been unfolding – challenges and all… Thank you, and good night.


Reflecting on the past week…

5 Oct

The weekend is here and I have no idea how it got here so fast. It makes me both happy and unhappy.

Happy because I enjoy working both at Seton Hall and Basking Ridge, I like to stay busy and not worry about how many more hours I have before I can go home. During the week I feel productive, resourceful, and creative.

Unhappy because I feel time passing, and it’s passing fast. It makes me think how we spend our days working, making a living, taking care of our children, parents, friends, paying the bills… I have been trying to incorporate some activities that I really enjoy, and not just on the weekend. I have been doing activities that I enjoy during the WEEK. For instance, on Tuesday I went for a long walk in the autumn woods. On Thursday I went to So Shim Sa for an evening service, prayer and meditation. Friday after work I went out with my dear colleagues for a beer. And every morning, upon waking, I have had my coffee, went to the gym/ jog with my hubby, gazed at the stars through an app on my iPad, wrote in my journal and read my book.

Another activity that I like to perform at the end of the week is taking an inventory of everything you did. Oil change, check. Called mom and dad, check. Went grocery shopping, check. Watched a movie, check. Went to the gym, check. Listened to a lecture, check. This way when that feeling of “what did I spend my time on this week” rolls around, you’ll know.

This weekend I am feeling a bit out of sorts: scratchy throat, runny nose, watery eyes. I was supposed to volunteer with Kappa Delta Pi for a few hours but had to cancel. I plan to rest up because tonight is Fright Fest for my good friend’s birthday!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

On happiness… Again…

28 Sep

Good morning, and happy Saturday!

I receive the Action for Happiness newsletter every week. This week they have shared some no-brainier strategies that lead to contentment, happiness, and fulfillment.

Savour Positive Experiences. This is about deepening the enjoyment of life’s good times so that you squeeze all the juice out of a positive experience.

Practise Gratitude. Appreciating what’s good in life and what’s going well so that you can overcome the mind’s negativity bias which makes us notice what’s wrong before we notice what’s right.

Use your Strengths. Identifying and playing to your strengths rather than focusing on your weaknesses – one of the best ways to build well-being and reduce symptoms of depression.

Live Life with Meaning & Purpose. This is about the deeper form of happiness. The things that give you a sense of fulfilment.

Nurture Relationships. Our connections to others are the no1 source of happiness which is precisely why they need tender loving care.

Learn Optimism. Optimism is psychological self-defense, thinking strategies that can protect you from the pessimistic thinking that drags you down.

Build your Resilience. The good news is that resilience is ‘ordinary magic’ there are many everyday things that help you bounce back from difficulty.

Positive Directions. Having a goal in mind gives you a sense of progress and achievement.

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